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Discover why tea was once so valuable it was kept under lock and key...

The Cornwallis House Tea Co. is different from most other tea companies in that we use only the finest hand-crafted teas from the East to blend exquisite bouquets of well rounded, interesting flavors.

Flowers, spices and dried fruits are blended- by hand here in our South Carolina home -with green, red, white and black teas for tastes well out of the ordinary.

We evoke images of our beloved state of South Carolina to create the recipes for every cup. Each blend is named for an historic time, place, or person from our state's past; giving you something to imagine while you sip your cup of perfectly brewed tea.

Order one of our exciting custom blends to impress your friends, co-workers or guests; or use it simply to relax your mind at the end of the day. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

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