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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why do you call it The Cornwallis House Tea Co.?

The idea of starting a tea company originated around the family kitchen table in the historic "Cornwallis House" (ca. pre 1776) located in the picturesque American Revolutionary town of Winnsboro, SC, in an area known as the "Olde English District". This home served as the headquarters of British General Lord Cornwallis from the time of his defeat at Kings Mountain, October 1780, until January 1781.

Not since our early colonists chose to deny their beloved beverage- tea -in favor of liberty has America seen such a resurgence in popularity for this delectable commodity. With South Carolina's historic relationship with Great Britain intertwined with its unique heritage of growing tea (the only United State that still does!), its a natural fit for us to pursue a future in this exciting industry and become a part of the comeback of taking tea in the traditional English/Southern style.

What can you do for my business?

We would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your business needs!

Call Christina Praser-Fair at (404)388.0555


Email us at CornwallisHouseLLC@gmail.com

We have special pricing available for your retail establishment as well as service options for the hospitality industry. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Tea Questions

Where can I buy your tea?

You can buy The Cornwallis House Tea Co. tea by navigating to the "Order Now" page and selecting the tea of your choice.

Simply select which size tea and how many you'd like.

Your selections will go straight into your shopping cart with easy to follow payment options.

What is the best way to brew tea?

Start with cold water because it will have more oxygen (starting with hot water will give you flat flavor). If your tap water is not fresh tasting, use bottled water.

Heat until it just begins to boil. Overboiling will reduce the oxygen in the water.

1 tsp of tea per cup is plenty. Add more if you want a stronger cup-- do not attempt to steep longer for fuller flavor, all this will do is make your tea bitter.

For a pot of tea, 4 tsp should suffice.

Steeping time:

  • Black tea 3-5 min
  • Green tea 1-3 min (after water boils, let it cool 30 sec first!)
  • White tea 4-7 min (after water boils, let it cool 60 sec first!)
  • Red/Herbal Tisane 5-8 min

Sweeten according to your preference, but remember that green and white teas are meant to be savored for their natural sweetness, and never add milk to them. Only black tea takes milk.

*Brew stronger (more tea/less water) to make iced tea.

*For chai tea:

  • Boil half the water you normally need and steep enough tea for it to be a very strong brew.
  • Warm slightly less milk than water-- do not boil.
  • When the tea has steeped 5 minutes, sweeten heavily with honey or sugar.
  • Blend with warmed milk
What's the difference in quality between a tea-bag and loose tea?

We like the tea drinker to have a connection to the art and tradition behind tea. The best way to accomplish this is through the ritual of preparing tea.

However, we understand that sometimes you do not want to deal with the time and added mess of preparing tea with the loose leaves, so we have developed a line of tea bags that save you time without sacrificing quality!

A difference in tea bags? It may suprise you. Do not be tempted to forego enjoyment for a lower priced tea promising big flavor.

The whole leaves are tea in in their best form: lovely to look at and full of flavor and natural perfumes. You can see, smell, and taste the quality of the ingredients added.

Our brand of unbleached, natural-fiber tea bags are loosely packed by hand to maintain the tea leaf's proper form.

On the other hand, commercial tea bags are the scraps left behind from the drying and rolling process of creating the fine tea leaves. Companies do not want to waste any of the tea, so they gather these scraps- known as "fannings" -and put them into their tea bags.

Do you offer iced tea?

Yes, we do offer a special, custom-blended iced tea! This is Fortune's Brew, named after a well known local man named Pompey Fortune.

This tea is different from other Southern style iced teas because it contains the gentle aromas of oranges and cloves, and naturally cooling hibiscus. Hibiscus has been used since ancient Egypt to bring body temperatures down, so it is an obvious answer for how to fight South Carolina summertime heat!

At this time, you can find 4-packs in select stores (be sure to call first), or order by navigating to the "Order Now" page.

What is High Tea and what is Low Tea?

Though it is a common term nowadays, "high tea" is incorrect when referring to the traditional act of taking afternoon tea.

"High tea" is very much like an early dinner or late lunch that includes tea.

The proper title would be "low tea", because it is often served on lower sitting room tables as a mid-afternoon snack; whereas "high tea" refers to the higher tables where one takes his meals with tea to drink.

Health Information

What are the health benefits of drinking tea?

Though our focus at The Cornwallis House Tea Company is not the health aspect of tea, we are nonetheless happy to acknowlege the substantial list of health benefits associated with drinking tea! And whether you come to start drinking our teas because of flavor or health reasons, we love the fact you are simply choosing to drink our tea.

That being said, the list of tea-related health benefits is almost too long to list. Some very notable qualities are:

  • reduction in hypertension
  • boosts immunities
  • possible delay in Alzheimer's Disease
  • fights tooth decay and neutralizes breath
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers cholesterol
  • fights infection
  • slows cancer cell growth
  • claims of lowering risk of many types of cancer
  • fights dangerous belly-fat
  • renews cell growth
  • suppresses appetite

When all is said and done, tea is one thing most importantly: a de-stresser. Stress is the number one cause of everything from bad skin to obesity. To simply find relaxation through a cup of a tea a day is worth it's weight in gold to keep us young in body and mind.

Is it dangerous to drink green tea if you take blood thinners?

Vitamin K and Green Tea

For those on blood-thinning medication, consumption of vitamin K is a concern not to be taken lightly. However, we found a very informative answer to this question of green tea from noted health specialist (and fellow tea enthusiast!) Dr. Andrew Weil:

It is true that dried green tea leaves have a very high concentration of vitamin K, but a cup of brewed green tea provides only a small amount, 0.03 mcg per 3.5 fluid ounces (roughly half a cup). In fact, research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 1995 showed that tea is not a significant dietary source of vitamin K and, as you know, green tea provides lots of other health benefits. The only beverages you should avoid while on blood-thinners are alcoholic drinks of all types since alcohol can affect your response to these drugs.

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